Answer Journeys

Answer Journeys is a powerful feature that let you personalize your Assistant Settings based on context.

Navigate to your Assistant Settings, and click "Customer Journey" to enable this feature:

1. Default Journey

The Welcome Message will be the first message you see when navigating to the page and seeing your Assistant, and the Default Chat Greeting will be the first message you see when you click and open the Assistant. Default Greeting Buttons allows you to connect buttons with links attached when the default chat greeting is presented.

2. Custom Journeys

You can create custom journeys, and create a custom greeting flow for a given context.

In the example below, we've created a custom journey for users who visit Frase's Answer Economy page. We want those visitors to get a custom welcome message, chat greeting, and specific call-to-actions. URL Pattern specifies the url of the Custom Journey; for example, in the screenshot below "/answer-economy/" refers to "".

This is how the experience looks on our website: