Google Tag Manager Installation

For starters, you will need to have a Google Tag Manager account. Follow this guide if you don't have one yet.

Once you have a Google Tag Manager account, here is how to install Frase Answers:

1. Create new Custom HTML tag

Click "Tags" and then "New" to create a new tag. Under "Tag Type", select "Custom HTML".

Name your tag "Frase" (top menu).

2. Copy/paste your Frase code snippet

Log in to Frase and navigate to your "Assistants" page.

Your snippet will look like this:

Copy/paste the snippet into your new tag on Google Tag Manager:

3. Support document.write

Very important step. Check out the box to support "Document.write"

4. Triggering

Select "All Pages" under the "Triggering" section.

5. Save and Submit

Click "Save" to save your new tag.

Finally, click "Submit" on the top right corner, so your update goes live.

Note: If you are following these steps and the Assistant is not appearing, try manually placing the code snippet in your website's HTML before </head>