How to Perform Question Research

Content marketing comes down to one thing: you’re creating content for an audience. And, this audience has questions – they have an intent as they search (which is why they’re called search queries). As a result, providing answers to these questions needs to be at the heart of your SEO content marketing strategy. If you want to engage users by answering their questions, you need to understand their search intent--in other words, you need to know what questions they’re asking.

Researching Questions on the Open Web

By identifying questions related to topics of interest, Frase lets you identify the questions your audience is asking all over the internet. 

Step 1: Input a topic

Once you’ve identified a topic of interest, you’ll want to start researching questions related to that topic. To do so, navigate to the Frase Questions tool-->Web-->then input your topic of interest in the search box shown below. To test it, try the topic “Inbound Marketing.”

Step 2: Review results

Frase will return a number of questions (highlighted in red below) along with the source of the question. To filter questions by source, look to the top of the page (highlighted in blue). Monthly search volume (highlighted in green) for each question is provided via the SEO Data Add-on.